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The league was founded in the summer of 2015 and as the name alludes to, the premier organization in the entire country includes the top amateur players and programs from the province of Ontario. The CPBL and its member programs are committed to producing high-calibre players, with a focus on development, and enhancing the profile of the game in Canada.

CPBL member programs have developed and produced a number of draft picks, Canadian Junior National Team players, and even more student-athletes who have continued their careers at post-secondary institutions. The league is committed to providing our players with the with the best and toughest amateur development and competition in North America.

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The CPBL is pleased to announce a strategic partnership with Perfect Game, the nation’s top amateur baseball scouting service. This partnership further emphasizes the CPBL’s commitment to providing the most exposure possible for the league’s players.

“The CPBL is excited and proud to partner with Perfect Game. By aligning with the preeminent driver of youth baseball in the US, we will help provide greater exposure to our athletes and baseball players throughout Canada.” stated Ryan McBride, CPBL Vice President. 

“The CPBL has been an avenue for high school players to advance into college and professional baseball over the years and our hope is this partnership will drive that even further.”

Since its establishment in 2015, the CPBL has continued to grow, expanding from six organizations to 11 for the 2021 season. The teams within the CPBL have produced approximately 95% of Division 1 players from Ontario during the league’s existence. Meanwhile, nearly 90% of drafted players in the province have come from the league’s teams.

Simply put, the CPBL and its programs provide the best opportunities and exposure for the country’s players, and with Perfect Game’s partnership, the offering is that much better.

Perfect Game and the CPBL share a similar philosophy and dedication in providing baseball players with the best possible experiences and meaningful development opportunities. Working in collaboration with Perfect Game moving forward will only maximize those experiences and improve the development of players.

Today’s announcement comes ahead of the 2022 CPBL season, in which Perfect Game will provide coverage at premier events to their extensive following while offering a scouting presence for event selections.

Perfect Game’s presence will be on-site during the CPBL All-Star Weekend and CPBL Fall Showcase. Furthermore, CPBL affiliated teams will have the opportunity to participate in Perfect Game showcases and tournaments. 

Finally, a CPBL All-Star team will compete in the prestigious World Wood Bat Association Championships from October 6th-10th in Jupiter, Florida. The WWBA is one of the premier events for high school prospects. It is heavily scouted and promoted and will be an extraordinary opportunity for the top players in the league.

President of the CPBL, Chris Robinson, noted, “partnering with Perfect Game further strengthens the opportunities and exposure the league provides to players. The reputation and track record of Perfect Game speaks for itself and will be a huge asset to the 11 organizations in the league. We look forward to working with Perfect Game in growing baseball in Canada.”

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